Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


My name is Edouard Alligand and I am since 2008 the founder and CEO of Bureau 14, a software startup located in Paris, France.

Although I started my career with constraint programming, most of my work was focused on COMSEC and system programming, especially kernel programming. Yes, that means that I both understand how a Diffie-Hellman key exchange works and why some kernel memory allocation cannot wait for the virtual memory manager to wake up. Or something like that.

Bureau 14 activities reflect my past experiences as we mainly focus on software security and "system programming" (generally speaking).

The primary goal of this company is to create a place where the best software possible could be crafted.

The secondary goal is to become profitable enough to have our office either deep in the ocean, in a volcano or on the moon with small electric cars to go from office to office. A huge aquarium with sharks would be nice as well.

Before having the incredible privilege of deciding whether or not I really deserve a raise, I had the opportunity to work in various structures. From start ups to the French Ministry of Defense, I had the chance to experience the pros and cons of different organizations' styles.

I spend most the day torturing C++ compilers with some arcane template meta-program. Ruby is also a language I like to play with and I am amazed by Ruby On Rails. I have however to admit a perversion : I like to read and write assembly. I also entertain the idea to find a project for which we could use Haskell or Scheme.

OS-wise, I think OpenBSD rocks but most of the time I work on Windows. Must be another manifestation of my schizophrenia. By the way most of my friends think I'm crazy and I should be locked up. Those who don't, are even crazier and work with me on the best software project ever so that we can have a base on the moon with sharks in a huge aquarium yada yada yada... You get it.

Should you wish to contact me, you can drop me a line at [email protected] (For business related correspondence, please use [email protected]). I probably won't find the time to write a nice answer but rest assured that your mail will be read.

I speak French, English and enough German to understand a plumber on the phone explaining me how to start up my heater (true story), so you can mail me in any of these languages.